Starts 01.03.2018
Ends 30.05.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Adblurb is a new generation of Marketing and Advertising. All data will exist on the blockchain instead of centralized servers. Adblurb is a unique platform that allows modern and advanced marketing technique with using smart contract in multiple different and unique ways while providing total security and privacy.

Adblurb is for everyone! Adblurb not only offers Unique Ad marketplace but also solve issues regarding current e-commerce and crowdfunding.

Incorporated Country - UK

Role of coin/Token - Will be used for Ad trade on Adblurb network as Payment.

Plateform - ERC20 Compitible

1 ADL Token= 1 ADL Coin = 1 Adblurb Coin

Maximum supply(hard cap) - 100,000,000 ADL

Available for purchase 70,000,000 ADL

Emission rate - NO new coins will ever be created

Unsold Coins will not be minted ever

Accepted currencies - ETH only

Price - 1 ETH = 8000 ADL (Presale Price without bonus)

Bonus on Presale - 20%

minimum transaction amount - 0.15 ETH

PreSALE ICO period - 01/03/2018 to 30/05/2018

Coin Distribution - Contract will distribute coins/tokens instantly upon receiving ETH

Minimum goal - 2.2 Million USD ( 2000 ETH)

HARDCAP - 10 Million USD

1 ADBL = 0.1025 USD* (where 1 eth= 820 usd)

if minimum not met - Refunds will be issued via the smart-contract