Starts 01.09.2018
Ends 01.11.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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In today’s Crypto landscape, content is spread across multiple sources. As useful as the information is, it requires multiple windows open, to search through your favorites tab with multiple log-ins.

How can Funnel make this easier? These questions and a few others have been answered. Funnel aims to disrupt this with your page with a single page app screen with your content in pre-designed templates that give you the ability to add your crypto sources and social accounts on one page. Using templates we will allow you the ability to add your content where you want it on a page unique to you using existing api's you can see multiple exchanges at once be in your favorite slack and telegram channels at the same time on the same page. We hope to align ourselves with existing crypto companies to offer services, news, content and privacy all in one place.

Content management enables you to choose every piece of content on your page. Content could be websites, pages, posts, photos, videos, docs, and just about any other type of data. We will build in apis for you to add from different services all while providing security to you page to protect what’s important to you. AdFunnel Project aim to help fellow cryptocurrency traders to stay informed with the latest development & updates on cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. Funnel will allow verified crypto-related project owner to broadcast a message to Funnel app user. This can help them to reach targeted audience for their campaign. Funnel app user will receive FNL token for their participation.

A platform allows you to create beautiful single funnel for each crypto project on your mobile app. While many platforms only provide a single page service Funnel will be designed specifically for crypto-minded people by crypto-minded people. We will offer a library of pre-built templates and widgets (as well as the ability for you to create your own) using a drag & drop content builder. Funnel platform aims to create fully responsive layouts for both desktop and mobile, with drag & drop functionality, without the need for any design or programming knowledge.

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