Starts 01.10.2018
Ends 15.11.2018
This ICO has already ended.
Afrochain rating

AFROCHAIN is the first blockchain for Africa. It is the first step toward building a free economy for everyone, giving back the power in the hands of the people of Africa and Africa diaspora. An entire ecosystem is to be built on the AFROCHAIN blockchain. AFROCHAIN native coin is called Afrochain Token (AFR), a Afrochain Token suitable for African-market usage in line with its vision to provide access to financial services for everyone. Users will be able to their own project on the Afrochain mainet.

The Afrochain ecosystem will enable users to have access to education, payments, exchange, trading and investing, and lots more. To use Blockchain Technology to improve the lives of people of Africa and friends of Africa. To Bank the unbanked by giving them access to financial services through Education and equipping individuals and merchants with tools and access to the Afrochain ecosystem. Afrochain token (AFR) cryptocurrency technology empowers both consumers and producers in all industries with an independent, decentralized banking solution.

AFROCHAIN through its native coin Afrochain Token (AFR) is creating a worldwide, Distributed, trust and reputation solution that shall work seamlessly with mobile money gateways on the Ethereum blockchain riding on the smart contracts technology. The Afrochain Token (AFR) system is designed in such a way that whenever a transaction is made, the system, that is, the blockchain, will record aspects of the transaction including time, receiving and sending wallet addresses, warranty conditions, delivery time and such other required information to safeguard the integrity and trust of the system.

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