Starts 02.07.2018
Ends 30.09.2018
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AgentMile is on track to transform the CRE industry by introducing the first decentralized CRE leasing platform powered by AI. We will enable smart and efficient property search via a blockchain listing service with digital identities of people and properties. Utilizing blockchain, immutable reviews and ratings will be possible. Smart Contracts will simplify property/cash flow management and reduce transaction dependency. Industry benchmarks and data open for all, yet incorruptible and not subject to commoditization, will be introduced. On top of that Artificial Intelligence will be offered to the real estate professionals for better decision-making.

While commercial real estate assets are one of the largest global asset groups, the CRE industry has been slow to innovate its core business processes. Today, commercial brokers struggle with challenges such as disparate and antiquated technology, data sharing, inefficient cash flow management and real-time performance data, to name a few.

AgentMile aims to transform this $3385 trillion industry1 by introducing the first decentralized CRE leasing platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

We’ve signed an MoU with OmiseGO

We have signed a really exciting MoU with OmiseGO confirming our intent to work on several key areas which the team at OmiseGO will help support:developing a payment solution through Omise’s payment gateway for the AgentMile platform; building on the OMG decentralized financial network; joining the blockchain co-working space Neutrino which is part of the Omise community. The OMG token, is currently the fifth highest market cap Ethereum project in the world and was the first Ethereum project to exceed USD $1 billion valuation.AgentMile Signs MoU with OmiseGO

AgentMile Goes DAICO in Partnership with OpenLedger

We’ve gone DAICO with OpenLedger To give extra security to our token holders and ensure the project’s sustainability in the long term, we’ve become one of the first projects in the world to embrace the DAICO model:

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