Starts 01.09.2018
Ends 30.11.2018
This ICO has already ended.
ALUX BANK rating

Alux Bank is a technological startup that focuses on projects and developments related to Blockchain and Smart Contract. The philosophy of the company is based on the following principles: We are the future: the palpable coin we use on a daily basis will soon disappear from our pockets.

The exclusion of a mediator: during an economic transaction of two it isn’t necessary to have a third member. The efficiency is on the increase: pay instantly without delays. Improves the economy: we back up the alternative economy which gives back the power to the people.

We are the first ICO that seeks the alternative to traditional banking, we fight for everyone's rights. Lux Ant Digital gives back the power to the people with Blockchain and Smart Contract technology. We work to live, we do not live to work! (This quote is our compass).

Electronic Banking Platform: You can build close relationships with customers, suppliers, family, etc. and control the experience of buying, selling, sending money and / or digital assets from login to the end of the transaction. Lux Ant Digital Smart Contract apply where intermediaries do not exist and thus reduce service costs.

ALUX BANK has ended 115 days ago