Starts 13.11.2018
Ends 12.12.2018
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The mission of AMOS is to help prevent disease through exercising. AMOS integrates hardwares, distributed AI computing and blockchain, focing in the filed of fitness and wellness. The data collected by AMOS app and wearables help complete this sport ecosystem. To keep users motivated, AMOS provides rewards as incentives for the ones who exercise regulary and continuously.

We combined blockchain with smart watch and smart gym to make a real-time feedback system. AMOS coin can be achieved when fitness data is recorded. Aside from traditional data collection, we focus more on bidirectional interaction. The watch is able to revise movement frequency, intensity or even adjust user’s postures. With the smart watch, you will become a member of our automatic gyms. People can launch activities, marathons or make new friends by the network built within smart watches.

AMOS coin is the only feasible currency used on our platform. You can buy sport related products or equipments there. The platform lets sport fanatics make investment as well. AMOS coin can be used to sponsor projects or people who tried to fulfill their goal worldwide. All the data and money details should be recorded on blockchain which guarantees users rights and interest has ended 340 days ago