Starts 16.11.2018
Ends 15.01.2019
This ICO has already ended.
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Amplify Exchange is a concept that was borne out of the original Substratum product suite. Three separate products that stand on their own as functional powerhouses within their own sphere of influence but when combined become a symbiotic software suite that solve the basic needs of each of our digital lives. The ability to Connect, Earn, and Spend. These three basic needs that we all have in our digital lives are disrupted by digital borders raised by companies and corporations across the world today.

Amplify Exchange is developing a new best in breed solution utilizing a proprietary blockchain solution which we call the Amplify Bridgechain. The bridgechain bridges the divide between distributed and decentralized exchanges by bringing the best of both approaches into a single hybrid approach. The Amplify Bridgechain will serve as a blockchain based digital ledger that will mirror everything that happens within Amplify Distributed to allow decentralized clients to have access to the same trade volume, transact in a fast, secure and cost effective way and still have access anywhere on the planet.

Amplify has ended 153 days ago