Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 31.10.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Bullion(BULL) coin is unique digital assets that will unleash the miners and buyers to sell and buy precious, semi-precious metals and stones on the decentralized platform. Which will directly benefit the miners with cutting out middle man. Artisanal Miners born with the aim of helping ASM in African region to remove the middle man from the trade who squeeze all the profits of ASM. Here at Artisanal Miners we are supporting United Nation defined Global Goals to achieve our Vision and help them to make a contribution in their life.

Bullion (BULL) is a secured medium for transforming the value of fiat in Internet of transactions. Bullion(BULL) is Ethereum based ERC20 standard token, with Bullion (BULL) you will be able to Buy real Precious & semi-precious Metals, Stones, Minerals on Decentralized platform directly from ASM (Artisanal Miners around the Globe) by removing the middle man/ agent. The safety of these transactions is preserved by Ethereum Technology, With the help of Artisanal Miner ASM communities not just able to get their documents processed easily but they will be able to save their money from the fraudster / queue.

Bullion (BULL) a ERC20 Ethereum based token with the main vision to connect ASM and buyer directly with removing the middleman and let them access the real worth of what they deserve. Jeweler’s, particular related ore industries are main key that is going to buy minerals, metals, precious and semi precious stones all transactions will be done on “Internet of Transactions” Our one of the vision is to transform all the ASM related system and bring it on the hard core use of Ethereum Blockchain with the use of Bullion (BULL).

Artisanal Miners has ended 174 days ago