Starts 20.09.2018
Ends 20.01.2019
This ICO has already ended.
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Blockchain technology has a huge potential to create new bussines models and bring measurable benefits and value to the public and private sectors. To unlock this potential, Athero protocol was designed purposefully to tackle the main challenges which limit the fluent exchange and integrity of data in product smart chains. With smart chain data becoming increasingly fragmented, scalability and cost concerns of current decentralized solutions become evident.

Using Athero, all stakeholders can securely share their data and keep sensitive data fully encrypted at all times. By supporting global standards for data exchange (GS1, IoT, compliance standards), Athero assures compatibility with existing ERP systems, making implementation process quick and efficient. Finally, it is fully decentralised. It removes the possibility of collusions and introduces full accountability for the data provided.

ATHERO has ended 148 days ago