Starts 05.09.2018
Ends 10.11.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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ICO Bablos is managed by the team of the «Empire V» project, as a pilot project of the future platform covering the entire «Empire V» film development cycle (from fundraising and administering to the final screening) and provides financial transparency, ability to affect the film’s success through, simplicity, equitable access. The issuing of Bablos tokens is backed by the screening of a particular film.

The revenue from film’s screening and licensing will be allocated to Bablos tokens, in proportion to the number of tokens in the possession of the investor at the time of revenue allocation. In order to secure the investor rights a token-issuing company will be created, which will operate fully within a legal field, and will provide the investors the right to receive the proceeds as well as assure the safety of their investments. This company will exist primarily to accommodate the investors and to issue the tokens on the basis of special agreement.

All activities of the film producing company, including screening agreement making is separate from the company issuing the tokens. The profit guarantees by the token issuing company will be embedded into the agreement with the copyright holder. And most importantly — the viewers can take a real part in the launching of the film which they want and expect to see, as well as the ability for them to be the first ones to see an online premiere: the full director’s cut with unique additional content!

Bablos has ended 135 days ago