Starts 20.10.2018
Ends 20.12.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Once you’ve entered into our network, you can mange everything. Anyone with a computer or smartphone and an internet connection can make or view the transactions. Our wallet can help you store, buy, and sell Bahiti. There is also a feature where you can request money, either in USD or BTC. The wallet also offers a vault where the Bahiti are stored. It is also convenient because you can easily add funds to your wallet.

Monthly we will make a Lottery where we will Giveaway a Prize. Soon we will launch the Lottery based on the Bahiti Coins in which a Draw will be done. The first lottery prize is an DJI OSMO Mobile2. Be the first and do not miss the chance to be the First Winner of the Bahiti lottery. Bahiti is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency that enables you to easily send or receive money online and a new way to make easy money investing.

The purpose of the project is to launch a new coin based on Script algorithm that will present a new form of investment, available for everybody, that is easy to obtain. Crypto coins have had a great growth in the last years, even greater than stocks and bonds and are easy to cash out. Crypto coins are still underdeveloped and in time they will become part of our day to day lives thus increasing the price. Even more, cryptocurrencies are not dependant on the usual industries and their fluctuations. When the fiat currency drops in price, crypto coins grow in price due to the fact that you can get more from the same coin.

Bahiticoin has ended 156 days ago