Starts 20.10.2018
Ends 20.12.2018
This ICO has already ended.
Base-core rating

The main feature of the BaseCore project is the development and provision of liquid circulation of a “stable” security token which is provided by the actual value of high-yield financial investments (in the assets of private IT companies) that make up its intrinsic value or core.Te investment component of the BCT token is the main part of the token structure. Tis part can be characterized by the fact that the underlying price of the token will not only be the stable minimum benchmark set by the BaseCore platform, but will also steadily increase, together with the costs of the assets included in the investment portfolio secured by the private IT companies assets.

As an investment structural tool ensuring the stable value of the token and its growth, investments are made in the business of the most successful and dynamically growing private IT companies included in the portfolio which ensures the value of the BCT token. Te most revealing examples, at the time of writing this document, are Zenreach, Palantir, AirAbn etc. Te shortlist of companies with which BaseCore negotiates for the purchase of shares or whose assets it plans to purchase will be published in the upcoming versions of this document.

Base-core has ended 156 days ago