Starts 01.09.2018
Ends 09.11.2018
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The "Blockchain AgroTrading" team presents the BATT token - the first real mechanism for grain trade and proposes to enter the digital future of the multibillion grain market together with us.BATT is the first token for the agricultural sector, based on the concept of smart-contracts for grain trading, allowing tokenize the real sector of the agrarian economy.Today farmer, selling grain, gets a little money, and the final buyer pays too much. The concept of BATT allows us to surpass traditional agro-trading by reducing the costs that arise from the chain of intermediaries who buy grain from small and medium-sized farms and sell it further, increasing the cost at each stage.

Using BATT tokens, farmers will be able to earn more, and buyers and producers will be able to save colossal money anywhere in the world, regardless of their geographic location.BATT is a combination of physical technologies, real goods and digital blockchain technologies, based on the smart-contract of the Etherium. Each stage from the acceptance of grain crops to the storage and sending of grain to the end user passes under the supervision of sensors controlling the main grain quality indicators, all processes fix in the blockchain, and the participants (farmers, custodians and buyers) pay for services with BATT tokens that are easily converted in fiat money.

Entering to the multibillion grain market will be the first step in way of tokenization of the real sector of the agrarian industry economy, which grows with the needs of the world's population. The number of BATT tokens is limited, which means that the value of the token will only increase over time, ensuring stable liquidity for all participants in the turnover of BATT.Blockchain Agro Trading - absolutely new product, which has no analogues in the world.We are the first who implements Blockchain-technology in this business environment. We offer use Blockchain to simplify the storage of cereal crops, as well as their direct purchase and sale on a global scale. This will establish a connection between sellers (farmers, small and large farms) and direct buyers of grain crops (traders other countries, as well as grain processing plants) all over the world.

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