Starts 01.12.2018
Ends 28.02.2019
This ICO has already ended.
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BCEDEX is a community controlled exchange. Platform providing beginner and advanced traders, investors and institutions with a user-friendly crypto exchange that combines best practices by merging elements of centralised and decentralised trading platforms. The community of BCDX owners actually owns BCEDEX. The development team of BCEDEX, as well as the use of intellectual contracts guarantee the implementation of decisions made by a majority of shareholders. The absence of mechanism that controls the entire system, transfers all powers to the shareholders of BCEDEX, which makes them the main force for our growth and development.

The community of BCDX owners has great potential in managing the BCEDEX exchange. Make decisions in listing and delisting of cryptocurrencies, create polls and new discussions in the community forum of topics of your interests. Take part in the development of BCEDEX as your own exchange. Earn more with the growing popularity of the BCEDEX exchange.

The BCEDEX token sale will take place in Q1 2019. Only tokens will be issued, the other are sold at pre-sale. The BCDX tokens will run on the ERC-20 and the number of tokens will be limited and will not increase. The token distribution allocation will be divided or split into 70% for the Crowdsale, 9% for team incentives, 7% to the founding team, 2% for advisors and 12% to the community.

The token sale will be utilised for the following activities: 50% of profits will go towards operation and development, which will entail building the BCEDEX platform and integrating into the various blockchains and wallets. 25% of profits will go towards marketing, which will include the branding, promotion and training for the BCEDEX platform to attract users. 15% of profits will go towards establishing partnerships. 5% will be used for legal costs. 5% will be kept in reserve.

BCEDEX has ended 174 days ago