Starts 01.11.2018
Ends 31.01.2019
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BenePit records the user’s phone call log. The BenePit app is used to segment the call logs of subscribers to fit their usage and purposes within the platform, allowing advertisers to segment their customers and get more detailed targeting. Comparison of usefulness of BenePit vs global AD platform collection information. Comparison of usefulness of BenePit vs global AD platform collection information BenePit is a phone-based, rewarding AD platform that differentiates itself from existing AD platforms in that it uses users’ call logs as the basis for AD serving. Through the analyses of the call logs that users use in their daily lives, advertisers can achieve the highest level of targeting and CPA AD compared to global AD platforms.

Tokens are rewarded easily and simply with just a simple phone call. Anyone can participate securely in the BenePit ecosystem just by phone calls and ad consumption habits. BenePit's decentralized advertising system is highly targeted but very efficient, based on phone call data. In addition, BenePit transparently discloses the whole process of your ad execution. BenePit is a Reverse ICO project. This is a sophisticated service that can handle billions of transactions each day with a centralized server configuration, even now, without blockchaining. In particular, BenePit cross-analyzes a large amount of user behavior analysis data and detailed store data in real time and selects and recommends the most suitable ads to the user through AI.

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