Starts 01.07.2018
Ends 15.12.2018
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Block66 is developing a new breed of mortgage lending platform that leverages blockchain technology to increase transparency, streamline the deployment of capital and overcome geographical lending restrictions. Mortgages are now a rich persons' product, the technology in the market is archaic, and many creditworthy people have been left high and dry by risk-averse institutions. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Block66 lowers barriers to entry for small-flexible lenders, streamlines origination, and creates new opportunities for borrowers.

The mortgage market in the USA is $9.9 trillion dollars, $32.9 trillion worldwide, and growing but risk averse institutions are reluctant to lend to many creditworthy consumers. Willing small lenders struggle to enter the space at scale. Existing processes and technology are cumbersome and siloed, compounding the problem for borrowers. Block66 streamlines the entire mortgage software and operations stack. For brokers, a one-stop-shop, including credit scoring, property appraisals and lender matching. For lenders of all sizes, a sustainable loan pipeline, auditing tool and mortgage securitization platform. For borrowers, a quick, hassle-free way to access the best credit opportunities.

Block66 is on a mission to shake up the mortgage lending landscape by building the world’s first blockchain enabled mortgage lending network. The network will span borders, connecting private and institutional lenders with borrowers worldwide. All mortgages will be issued and managed on the blockchain. B66 is a limited supply token that when stored in a special smart contract generates the network’s native token - BNET, that is then sold via the platform to network users (i.e mortgage brokers). The revenues generated by the sale are distributed to BNET holders.

Block66 has ended 305 days ago