Starts 12.01.2018
Ends 12.02.2018
This ICO has already ended.
Blocklancer rating

We developed BlockLancer in order to solve the most common problems on the whole crypto market. It is DAJ and it was developed on the ETH blockchain. This is our product that surely will help you to find job or make your project in time. Ico review and ico rating are among of best ones on the whole crypto market. Do not miss the list of icos, ico alert is started from now. Blocklancer created such system that everybody can rely upon including both customers and freelancers. This platform is capable to solve all of the problems related to the every platform. Initial Coin Offering looks decent so you are able to discover icos, you are going to be interested. We are going to tackle all of the drawbacks related to contemporary platforms.

There are following features related to this platform: all payment can be made with guarantees. As a customer you will pay only in case you are completely satisfied with the results. In case of some disputes only holders of the coins will take the decisions, thus from now there is no any uncertainties related to the payments.

And all of this done with rather small fees. Our fees are much less then on other freelance sites. From now freelance is much more reliable source of income.

Ico rating grows because there are too many advantages.