Starts 01.03.2018
Ends 31.05.2018
This ICO has already ended.
Blockshipping rating

The Global Shared Container Platform is a blockchain company. CCC ico review will help you to cluster the current data. CCC list of icos is the indicator of user expectations. The purpose of this project is to collect in a single network, on the basis of the block, the containers that are used for cargo transportation. CCC ico analysis will make it possible to determine the prospects for crypto investment. To compile CCC ico rating, consider the current currency quotes. Discover icos CCC and make up your personal rating. Developers plan to create a single registry for more than 27 million containers, using which you can track the goods online. Consider the possibility of personal participation in the project after CCC token sale review.

Who has ever encountered cargo transportations, especially marine ones, knows that the main problem of this industry is logistics, bureaucracy and the absence of uniform registers for arriving containers. Learn more about CCC token sale rating by comparing similar projects. Current data allow us to talk about the success of CCC crowdsale. At this stage, employees who process and fill information about containers have to do all this MANUALLY. CCC cryptocurrency is an effective element for transactions. Because of this, huge queues and congestions form in warehouses and ports. The GSCP product will help solve most logistical problems.

Blockshipping has ended 419 days ago