Starts 01.11.2018
Ends 31.01.2019
This ICO has already ended.
BlueOcean rating

BlueOcean Ventures II has an experienced team with over 80 years of combined Start up and MedTech industry experience that knows how to identify the medtech startups that will deliver results - this team seamlessly increased BlueOcean Ventures II's portfolio value by 48% until end 2017 (audited numbers). To solve the common issues of investing in traditional venture capital funds, we are introducing a tokenization process that offers investors liquidity, accessibility and speed - factors that work to ensure a higher ROI for token investors. BlueOcean Ventures II invests exclusively in Europe, most notably Switzerland - a region and country where the medtech industry is most dynamic and the financial, political and legal systems are startup-friendly.

During buyback events, revenue from BlueOcean Ventures II are transferred back to BlueOcean Ventures II's investors, including our Special STO Investment Vehicle which in turn uses 100% of these proceeds to buy back your tokens at the token's current market price or the token's net asset value, whichever is higher. You are also permitted to sell your tokens at any time through our exchange partners. BlueOcean Ventures II identifies the best of the best medtech startups through a rigorous screening process and buy shares in those that are investment-ready at the most favourable terms.

BlueOcean has ended 227 days ago