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In the existing system, you must send an offer to the mail, come to the office, discuss the terms, sign the contract and applications, go through a complex scheme for defining the parameters and conditions.Most CPS networks are hard to earn on small and medium businesses. What to do with the promotion of the entrepreneur if he has only 10 products? Now CPS platforms offer several types of outsourcing: loans, finance, applications, and rare product groups. Most of the advertisers can not use the CPS network only because of the category of goods.98% of advertising campaigns are currently being verified manually. The work gets more complicated, the amount of costs and mistakes on negligence increases, and the time of advertisers is spent.

It takes only a few minutes to post an item on the site from the advertiser. The webmaster will get your affiliate link quickly and easily.On the Briastorm platform there are no intermediaries between the advertiser and the webmaster. It reduces costs and simplifies work processes.We completely excluded the influence of the human factor. This means that all payments, link generation, and access occur automatically. Our managers intervene only in emergencies.All members of the Briastorm platform receive a unique affiliate link. Any useful actions made on this link bring material benefit to the owner.We created our own marketplit that allows you to build your own affiliate network, earn from each sale and receive additional bonuses from the company.

Smart-contract guarantees automatic replenishment of accounts when the user fulfills the necessary conditions for cooperation. None of the employees of the company can influence this process.Briastorm is the first advertising platform that guarantees a transparent relationship between the advertiser and the webmaster. Reliability is provided by a smart contract. Advertiser and webmaster work directly without intermediaries.We already have agreements on cooperation with major players in the market. For example, Yulmart is Russia's first retailer of electronics, components, computer and home appliances of a new format. One of the largest Internet companies in Russia.

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