Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 30.09.2018
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The multi miner allows mining by using SHA-256 and SCRYPT, as cryptocurrency functions on which users can switch between from time to time. The Papa Carlo miner contains three boards that have seventy chips with capacity of 26 Th/s. The miner will also be used in mathematical computing devices.The manufacture of the chips for the miner is located in South Korea at the Samsung capacities. The delivery of the chips is in Russia and not directly to end user miners thus leading to the reduction in the overhead custom costs and introduces a cheap product to the market. All the other activities including the soldering of printed circuit boards, testing and the assembly of the final finished product is done in Russia.

The platform's currency called the Buratino coin (BUR) is a utility token that is compatible with the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The owners of the coins have the right to purchase the Papa Carlo's multi miner as well as the Buratino Trezor hardware wallet at a cost that is fixed and is below the retail price in the market.The multi miner is retailing at a very low and affordable price in the market, as compared to other competitors. Owners of the Buratino coins especially get the miner at discounted rates.The Papa Carlo Multi-miner guarantees to give its users service for up to eighteen months or more. So users are assured of efficient service all through.

Users of the multi-miner have an opportunity to upgrade it at all times. The production of the miner is flexible and allows for growth opportunity when need arises.The Papa Carlo miner is integrated with an automatic water cooling system that allows for the direct cooling of the device in case it heats up. Buratino blockchain solutions is a company that has its basis on “Specalgorithmy” research institute that focuses in the designing and production of complex bitcoin mining equipment and radio electronic equipment.The first product that the company produced is the Trezor mini hardware wallet that is based on the open license creative commons, which offers cryptocurrency storage for the users.

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