Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 30.09.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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C3C helps online content platforms reward creators while providing direct interaction with advertisers. Consumers can control, share, and monetize their personal data. The C3C design recognizes the value of journalism and wants to reward publishers for their role in moderation, editing, and content strategy while recognizing the need to reward creators directly. C3RP lets publishers split earned rewards with creators. Each publisher can customize the percentage splits of rewards with creators, and, in the spirit of transparency, this information is fully visible to both parties. We want C3RP and its associated tools to become important web standards for creator rewards.

While the C3C ecosystem will first integrate throughout established platforms like CryptoCoin.News and, our goal is to open up the platform to all web publishers as soon as possible. With the C3C Consumer Wallet, consumers store their tokens and own their data without intermediary bottlenecks. They are in total control and able to share exactly what they want, with whoever they want, whenever they want to. We base the C3C Consumer Wallet on principles of penPDS , which is a personal metadata management framework that allows individuals to collect, store, and give third parties granular access to their metadata.

Based on a standard request-answer framework, the C3AIP allows advertisers to post campaigns and monetize consumer participation. For example, an advertiser may start a survey and associate a reward of 15 C3C per participant. The initial C3C ecosystem builds on two established and leading crypto news sites, CryptoCoin.News and Future expansion will lead to standard protocols that can be implemented by third parties, creating the s network. C3C tokens are not speculative assets they are the interaction instrument between all players in the ecosystem. The C3C system consists of complex subsystems the personal wallet, the blockchain, and the C3AIP that will require significant efforts. Sufficient funding must be allocated for recruitment, team building, and research and development.