Starts 25.11.2017
Ends 25.12.2017
This ICO has already ended.
CanYa rating

The CanYa platform works on the basis of decentralized data. Thanks to it, you can pay for various services in a very convenient and fast mode. Thanks to the use of its own altcoins as payment, any intermediaries were removed from the transaction process. This increased the level of protection of personal data, as well as made a commission for services much cheaper.

The resource is already fully operational and is quite popular. The next stage of development for developers will consider the withdrawal of the platform to the international level, which as a result will significantly increase the number of users of the platform.

In order to collect the necessary amount of funds for development at Initial Coin Offering, the company came up with a special bonus program for investors, which will make investing much more attractive. This is an excellent step, given the and impressive list of cryptocurrency icos, which means a great competition on this market.

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CanYa has ended 451 days ago