Starts 01.10.2018
Ends 31.12.2018
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Blockchain Consulting, Tokenization, ICO Management, App Development, and BaaS for Komodo, NEM, ETH and Qtum. We are building solutions to incubate new markets, streamline blockchain development, and facilitate growth of our ecosystem. Blockchain as a Service will play a critical role in the future and adoption of distributed ledger technologies. We make it easy to launch a token, manage an ICO, or develop new applications that interact with known blockchains.

While there are many platforms offering blockchain solutions, we are the only project combining the power and versatility of blockchains like Komodo, NEM, and Qtum. Our team is focused on providing easy-to-use products that will allow any business to launch a digital token, ICO, smart contract, or blockchain app with minimum effort. Our goal is to offer the most efficient, secure, and dependable software to incubate and launch new blockchain projects, companies, and applications.

One of the biggest challenges for a company launching a blockchain is the onboarding process. Even though services like AWS and Azure offer cloud blockchain services, there is a steep learning curve and most of these services are very limited. Some of these limitations include network size, complexity, transaction cost, network speed, politics, and maintainability.

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