Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 31.10.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Our vision is a future where the Clarity platform is on every business owner’s device. We believe Clarity will make a difference for small business owners and change the lives of those less fortunate for the better, every time our platform is used.We believe that businesses have the power to change lives. Small businesses power the global economy and account for 95% of businesses around the world and in more wealthy 1 countries like the USA and UK.

We are building a revolutionary platform for all small businesses that will combine the power of technology and the right advisors to make our vision a reality. One where every business owner has all their data in one place and the control over who has access to it and when. We also want to reward those who choose to share elements of their data.Our aim with Clarity is to help you create a better business, better life, for you, your family and team, and enable you to contribute to a better world.Blockchain and cryptocurrency are confusing and complex to the uninitiated.

Clarity will give back control, money and time to small business owners. Control over their finances, data and future and control over the money they earn, all the while freeing up time. Time they can spend where it will truly make a difference; to their business, family, life or the World. Clarity is a single platform (powered by blockchain), where business owners can securely store all their financial and business data, such as staff contracts, bank loan agreements, insurance details, health and safety reports and so on. In fact any business document can be stored in a logical wallet system.

Clarity Project has ended 353 days ago