Starts 26.11.2018
Ends 26.05.2019
This ICO has already ended.
Coinchase is a Community-based Cryptocurrency Financial Services Network rating

Coinchaseis a Community-based Cryptocurrency Financial Services Network. It is a new generation of financial services network. As traditional finance has lost its vitality, the emerging and fast-growing blockchain industry brings rapid development in this sector and high returns to customers. Coinchase is based on cryptocurrency: it aims to build a community-based financial network composed by individuals. Individuals are both creators and beneficiaries of the network. Coinchase acts as the organizer and service developer of its network.

Coinchase's financial services include: Investing,Savings,Loan,Exchange,OTC,News,Community. Coinchase Features:Secure and Trusted,Great Rates, Great Benefits,Complete RiskControl,0 Fees.

Coinchase Token (CCH) Represents Proof-of-Usage (PoU) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) of the Coinchase Network. CCH can be used to: Become a member;Investments;Lending;As transaction fee;Community payment.Proof-of-Usage.

Competitive Advantages of Coinchase:

1)Break and Return‘ Insurance : If the average price of project's token falls below Public Sale price on the first 48 hours of the first exchange listing, users can choose to be refunded by Coinchase.

2)The 200% Incentive:Coinchase shares 200% of its profits in CCH with projects’ supporters.

3)C2C Trading:Before the tokens are listed on the exchange, users can trade them freely through Coinchase’s C2C.

Coinchase has ended 112 days ago