Starts 31.03.2018
Ends 01.09.2018
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Updated 03. 10. 2018

The domain name was registered in 2018 by CSC Int. GmbH, (CSC Int.GmbH Founder Dr.Ing. Pooyan Ghamari). It was a work like the Bitcoin client, differing primarily by having a decreased block generation time , increased maximum number of coins, different hashing algorithm (scrypt, instead of SHA-256) 30.07.2018 Counos Cryptocurrency was released via an open-source client on ICO Lister website on July 30, 2018 by CSC Int.GmbH

Counos is a set of entirely digital money. And four different types of digital currency introduce by Counos. All counoscoins are based on a peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its user. Mathematics secures the system and empowers individuals to control their finances. The algorithms and structure are very similar to Bitcoin, but for each purpose, we have our policy and algorithm design.

  • CounosCoins: Very identical to litecoin algorithm, more than 16.800.000 coins already mined and less than 4.800.000 coins would be mining by people around the world. Counos Coin has no central authority or middlemen. But support by a professional team to make it very useful in near future.
  • CounosCash: another pre-mined cryptocurrency which all coins (about 21 million) of its network are mined and has fixed and guaranteed price by CSC Int GmbH. The target of this network is using as a safe payment system which coins have real funds. We introduce CounosCash to make business payment Cheap, Secure and Fast.
  • CounosGold: Very similar to CounosCash, There is no way to mine new Coins, but anyone can purchase CounosGoldcoins. We deposit Gold as the backend of CounosGold in one Switzerland Banks, so the Value of CounosGold is guarantee and similar to gold value deposit for. At this time it's for Private use and still not going to be public.
  • CounosSilver: like CounosGold, but support by Silver deposit on Switzerland banks. At this time it's for Private use and still not going to be public.

Differences of centralized and decentralized virtual currency.In the area of decentralized virtual money, transactions are conducted by a distributed database called Blockchain, and no particular company owns them.In centralized virtual currency, the currency is supported by traditional currencies. For example, PayPal is a dollar. Somehow PayPal cannot be said to be a currency. For example, you will receive 1,000 PayPal units with a charge of $ 1,000 and will receive $ 1,000 of redeemable sales time. Centralized currencies are provided by a particular company, in other words, its wallet is only accessible on one or more specific sites. You also need to register to use them.

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