Starts 10.09.2018
Ends 15.01.2019
This ICO has already ended.
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CO reports ecosystem incorporates two crypto elites: ICO investors and ICO detectives.

Detectives are experts who are writing specialized ICO reports and have the knowledge and experience in blockchain and ICOs. Investors access the ICO reports with CP Token and reward the detectives for their contribution and expertise.

An ICO detective is an expert who has a necessary knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain to evaluate an ICO with expertise and accuracy. Each ICO detective evaluates ICO's within his/her own field of expertise to provide specialized and comprehensive reports. Investors reward ICO detectives with CP Token by accessing their reports.

From Bloomberg terminals to investment research reports, traditional investors have always utilized the best tools for gathering information from all angles in making the best decisions. Investors can access those tools once again in a decentralized ecosystem of specialized ICO reports.

The token ecosystem that fuels the Crypto-Potential platform will benefit both ICO experts and ICO investors. The transactional and service costs requiring the use of CP tokens are immutable, requiring both regular and institutional clientele to purchase and utilize CP Token to access vital platform services which increase token demand as the user base grows. The CP tokens provide a monetary incentive for experts to deliver quality reports and enables investors who use the tokens to receive critical information for their investment decisions.

CP Token has ended 153 days ago