Starts 31.05.2018
Ends 31.10.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Inter-exchange trading system Crypstock is an innovative centralized exchange platform based on blockchain technology. It allows to make artbitrage transactions automatically, providing income for ICS token holders. The system includes a regular crypto exchange, where a trader can get better prices on crypto transactions on the market and complicated inter-exchange arbitrage system, which works with several tools and is profitable for token holders.Technological effectiveness of Crypstock system lies in combining of its own order book with orders on on connected crypto exchanges. This approach and the usage of system’s accounts on other exchanges provide high liquidity of traded cryptocurrency, as well as the best prices on the market.

The more transaction volume, the more profitable it will be for a trader to execute it on CrypStock compared to other exchanges. On the other hand, the original subsystems of algorithmic trading and market-making generate additional revenue to the system, providing profit to ICS token holders.The CrypStock multi-exchange trading system is fundamentally different from other systems that offer users the ability to conduct transactions on different exchanges from one account and arbitrage transactions as a service.

The CrypStock platform is fundamentally different from other systems that offer users an opportunity to conduct transactions on different exchanges from one account. The concept is based on the fact that traders perform transactions in a system, which is a smart intermediary between its own order books and other exchanges. At the same time, combination of order books and usage of own funds on different exchanges allows you to get the best prices compared to each exchange. The system ensures the integration of external order books with its own orders (set by CrypStock users). One of the advantages of this approach is that a part of orders can be handled in the system that allows to optimize trading operations and reduce transactions fees.

Crypstock has ended 208 days ago