Starts 15.07.2018
Ends 30.09.2018
This ICO has already ended.
Cryptics rating

We name ourselves Cryptics – the first in the world Al based cryptoanalytics. Our aim is giving a chance to find the essential information to any person, whether it’s an export, a new participant of a market, or an investor. With such information it’ll be much easier to users to make decisions regarding buying or selling cryptocurrencies, mining or creating portfolios of various cryptocurrencies.

We use ICO (or in other words Initial Coin Offering) for the start of our project. We know that it is important to see perspective project and discover icos, so for this aim using ICO Alert can be a really good idea. It’s possible to find different ico reviews, ico ratings, ico analysis and the List of Cryptocurrency ICOs there. List of icos and token sale reviews and ratings will help you to make the right decision.

Also, different successful traders are offered an infrastructure by us to create funds and no matter how small such traders actually are. Cryptics doesn’t have a softcap. The amount of released tokens is 100 million and the hardcap is 20 million dollars in cryptocurrency equivalent.

As a conclusion, we want to say that Cryptics will have a relation to the academic community for further stimulation of scientific research in the field of Al and the common development of blockchain technology and community in general.

Cryptics has ended 207 days ago