Starts 01.12.2018
Ends 28.02.2019
This ICO has already ended.
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Smart Contracts are HARD. It’s hard to fully understand the blockchain concepts they are built on, it’s harder to learn writing them right, it’s even harder to make them safe and bug free. At the same time, more and more makers and entrepreneurs are designing products and services based on them, and we think the trend is only accelerating, thus the need to lower the entry barriers. There are a lot of reliable wallets out there. You may choose MetaMask Wallet, MyEtherWallet or any other Ethereum Wallet you feel comfortable to use, taking care they support ERC20 standard. CriptoBrick will also support its own Wallet from release M2.

CryptoBrick is a cross-chain platform to build well defined, secured, configurable Smart Contracts and make their life cycle easily manageable. Users can visually choose and define features, options and oracles they need by searching and scrolling through a curated catalogue of domain specific Smart Contracts. The platform deals with the code creation, the wiring, the consistency and the deployment, even across different blockchain technologies. Ancillary operational activities such as name resolution acquisition and usage monitoring are also fully managed.

CryptoBrick has ended 174 days ago