Starts 01.05.2018
Ends 31.07.2018
This ICO has already ended.
Cryptoriya rating

Welcome to the world of cryptoriya. Cryptoriya is a first blockchain based technology where users can exchange any cryptocurrency to cash within minutes from anywhere globally.Cryptoriya gives the P2P and P2E exchange facility to their valuable users. We provide direct conversion of digital currency through our website and apps. In starting, cryptoriya converts 600+ cryptocurrency to your required cryptocurrency & we aim to capture around 100% availability of cryptocurrency within the 1st year. Cryptoriya provides you this service in many ways like - cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency to any wallet, cryptocurrency to any bank account, cryptocurrency to a debit card, cryptocurrency to cash.

One of the most important things of cryptoriya is no KYC needed from our valuable users. It is KYC free, so any user is free to use our services globally. If you talk about the security level of cryptoriya, cryptoriya provides a higher level of security with the latest technology, and we always update a new security level as technology changes day by day. We use only cold storage for every P2P exchange & wallet transaction, users need to provide 2FA code for the security. The reason is so as the transaction proceeds, our user operation is safe and secure.

Currently, many leading providers in the market are imposing excessive commission for converting of Cryptocurrency while at the same time, cryptoriya give you the free conversion of cryptocurrency; there will be no middleman, no high commission. Cryptoriya is the only best solution for users to exchange their cryptocurrency in any mode.Cryptoriya wallet is the single point access to all digital assets. It is the wallet where you can store over sixteen hundred types of currencies in 1 wallet. It is the solution of different wallet systems for different coins/tokens, and it also works efficiently.Cryptoriya wallet security system is very high. We can use only cold wallet i.e.; a cold wallet is the offline wallet for storage a digital asset on platforms that not connected to the internet.

Cryptoriya has ended 204 days ago