Starts 01.11.2018
Ends 31.01.2019
This ICO has already ended.
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cXc puts your Youtube, SoundCloud, or Spotify music on the Mapp. Select tracks directly from your linked accounts and post. Listeners can listen on the app, or go to your channel or profile. Listeners can easily like and subscribe right from the app! Local attention leads to worldwide exposure. The people decide what is seen by showing their love in UPs (votes). UPs on a song lead to more exposure on the app. With location-based charts, any small-town act can grow quickly in the town, gaining exposure in wider areas through reputation, not advertising or record deals.

cXc makes mapping applications (Mapps) that display creative content. On the cXc Music Mapp, users can share their music on a global map. On the map dots appear representing the music. Brightness and size of the dots depends on how many UPs their content has received. Songs on local charts grow to larger charts, cities, states, and nations, like leaves grow to branches, and branches to the trunk of the tree. Each song has equal opportunity to grow on this fractal propagation system.

cXc Mapps use a revolutionary curation system called Purple. Purple is the first system to use granular time-based votes. The system is based on a Smart Media Token called purple (PRP). Sol is time-distributed, and Blue is earned by creators who receive those votes. Blue can be Xchanged PRP, but Sol is free and can't be sent or traded.

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