Starts 29.01.2018
Ends 29.07.2018
This ICO has already ended.
Darico rating

Darico Coin is a token of utility which was created to extend the possibilities of people as it provides them user-friendly and professional tools for investments. It's important that such tools help users in making the right, well-informed decisions for investment in cryptocurrency.

The users of Darico Coin will get an exceptional access to the whole ecosystem of Darico. It will include the terminal, the wallet, the pool of liquidity, debit card, Index Fund and exchange. The problem of information will be solved by the Darico ecosystem because the DRC holders will be given those tools which are required in order to acess the reliable informational sources. The crypto landscape is analysed and surveyed by Darico, so the users can be sure that they get the most reliable and newest information.

To start our project, we use ICO (or in other words Initial Coin Offering). We know that it is important to see perspective project and discover icos, so for this aim using ICO Alert can be a really good idea. It’s possible to find different ico reviews, ico ratings, ico analysis and the List of Cryptocurrency ICOs there. List of icos and token sale reviews and ratings will help you to make the right decision.

Ethereum ERC20 Token is the basis of Darico Coin. The first supply is 78M tokens. There's also a virtual auto-mining capability that is created in Solidity for Ethereum. This auto-mining algorithm is completely unique. The maximal supply of Darico coins is 240M (where 144M will be sold during ICO, 36M for developers and 36M will be in reserve, also 24M will be given to partners)

BITREND TOV, Mykhailivska st-t, 24a, Kyiv, UKRAINE