Starts 01.09.2018
Ends 30.11.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Inflation sucks. It sucks the value out of your currency. It costs the government nothing to print more money. But you pay the price when central banks drain your asset of buying power. Dark Matter is a new breed of truly deflationary assets.

Digital currency is the future of money. You already know that paper money is designed to lose value over time. But it’s worth noting that even digital money can have an expanding supply. For that matter, it’s likely that new technologies will make it easier to mine gold, diminishing its scarcity. Everyone needs a way to protect their wealth. The wise will choose a vehicle that’s not susceptible to inflation.

Digital money allows for a new degree of control over coin supplies. Because the blockchain is completely transparent, it’s easy to see exactly how much Dark Matter exists. You can even calculate how much Dark Matter gets burned based on the hard-coded schedule that burns a portion of the fee for every transaction.

Dark Matter’s extremely low initial supply is the first element in the design of a Store of Value currency. Dark Matter’s zero-generation monetary protocol means that there will never be more than the initial supply of XDM. Finally, the formula for ongoing deflation comes from the systematic destruction of transaction fees. All it takes is a half a million transactions to cut the total supply nearly in half. If you’ve never heard of any other financial vehicle like this, that’s because Dark Matter is the first in its class of hyper-deflationary assets.

Dark Matter has ended 289 days ago