Starts 01.09.2018
Ends 31.10.2018
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Discoperi is a leading automotive startup, which develops blockchain-based solutions for drivers’ safety improvement, accidents prevention and automotive data monetization. We believe that transportation industry requires to be changed. Not just disrupted, but revolutionized. Thus our mission is – leading automotive revolution.

When a person is inspired to do something – he or she can do anything. The dream is possible to be accomplished, otherwise we could not have it. Thus we let people do what they dream about and give them products, which will realize their dreams.We believe in personal efficiency. We know that every single day people with incredible talent, deep knowledge and great ideas enter high-tech industry in order to do things differently. We are like that ourselves. As we want to be the best in what we do – we need to be smart, efficient, conscious and work hard every day.

Great performer shall have a great fun. We want our workers and our clients live pervasive life. Families, kids and pets are always welcomed in our office.We live a single life. In this life we have to live on a maximum of our ability, and, in the same time, keep it real. It takes courage to be integer when you need to meet deadlines, multiple requirements and deliver highest performance. But it is absolute must to have for an individual to be successful in our organization. In the same time, being real doesn’t mean being innocent and perfect. It means being humble and supportive to the life around.

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