Starts 01.11.2018
Ends 31.01.2019
This ICO has already ended.
Dollero Technology rating

Dollero Technology was established due to growing demand for highly secured cryptocurrencies and new blockchain technologies for various purposes. We see security as one of the major problems of the cryptoworld, given that its current state is no longer able to satisfy demands of the market. With the help of the leader in the field of cyber security we will secure all newly created platforms: e-wallet and exchange. Due to the high level of security of our platforms, will provide our clients with an additional level of protection of their funds in the form of insurance of all cryptocurrencies held in the Dollero Wallet or Dollero Exchange.

Cooperation with the international leader in the field of cybersecurity and insurance for our e-wallet and exchange will guarantee you will not lose your money. By connecting prepaid cards to the Dollero Club and later to our own exchange, we will enable you to pay at any place that accepts credit card payment. In the Dollero Club, we focus to a substantial extent on educating members in the area of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. In our e-learning system, we will also motivate members towards education through rewards in the form of Dollero coins. We will develop all technologies and platforms with an emphasis on their simplicity and professionalism.

Dollero Technology has ended 137 days ago