Starts 14.05.2018
Ends 30.09.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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We are producing this site for native advertising with bloggers. All of the barri- ers for advertisers are removed thanks to increased advertising quality, decen- tralized training, and effectiveness control. Our technologies allow us to buy native advertising from bloggers all over the world.We will help bloggers who share their unique skills to reach success. Our API allows technological start- ups aimed at increasing the quality of advertising with bloggers to get access to the market. Our successful experience in the CIS market on YouTube allows entry to international markets and represents us on social networks.

How are we going to increase bloggers advertisement quality and make their audience grow? What competencies should a blogger have to become a true professional? Blogger has to be a cameraman, sound director, video editor, screenwriter, graphic designer and so on at the same time. We know 8 main and 40 secondary competencies of a professional blogger.

First stage is blogger’s assessment. As a result we get a professional team consisting of a blogger and market media specialists. Specialists can teach the blogger or get employed as a part of the team. When the blogger’s team is formed, venture investor can buy the blogger’s rights for future advertisement placements.

Efir has ended 44 days ago