Starts 30.01.2019
Ends 30.03.2019
This ICO has already ended.
Eqwity rating

Eqwity is an ecosystem that encourages blockchain industry self-regulation by introducing the new ICO standard, decentralizing company governance and opening doors to tokenized shares trading. Eqwity is powered by EOSIO. With the stability of its platform and its fast transaction times, EOSIO Blockchain is a legitimate choice for hosting Eqwity ecosystem.

At Eqwity, we aim to offer an ecosystem for encouraging industry smart regulation by putting the emphasis on ICO market issues, company governance decentralization and tokenized company shares trading. As blockchain enthusiasts, we believe on decentralization by self-regulation. That’s why we push the community to join our initiative for building a responsible market, safer for investors and project founders, without affecting its growth.

Eqwity has ended 171 days ago