Starts 01.11.2018
Ends 31.01.2019
This ICO has already ended.
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Eso is a groundbreaking new app giving the user their own private decentralised space, secured with a private key. How the user uses this space, is up to them. Eso offers two key sections – private, and shared. The private section is only accessible and viewable by the user. The shared section is every part as secure, however you can share and communicate with other Eso users of your choice. Users can generate passwords from within Eso, or enter existing passwords. Each password can be copied easily with the press of a button, and is saved next to a nickname such as “John’s Facebook”. The days of keeping a text document of passwords on your desktop, writing them on paper near your desk, or having to memorise them, are over. Eso provides a space that ensures only you can access them. It is every bit as secure as a cryptocurrency wallet.

Users can invite other users to begin a private chat session. Not only is the chat end to end encrypted, it’s also secured on the Eso blockchain, for permanence and all the benefits of decentralisation. We, the Eso team, cannot decrypt the chat. We do not hold the private keys. This means we, or any other organisation or government, simply cannot access your private conversations. You can chat about anything, to anyone you choose, in complete confidence. Eso chat will be limited to text only at first, with basic formatting. There will be no better place to host the absolute most private conversations. Users can chat with one other user, or create a group with multiple users.

Eso has ended 137 days ago