Starts 05.11.2018
Ends 16.12.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Ethershift is a service that allows users to quickly and easily exchange between different ERC20 tokens at the market rate minus a fee, without having to go through the hassle of signing up at an exchange, or learning how to use a decentralized exchange like IDEX. Decentralized exchanges like IDEX are amazing, however a lot of average crypto currency investors feel like they are too complicated, and therefore a lot of great projects never get the exposure they deserve. Ethershift is making the process of acquiring the best and up & coming tokens easier than ever before.

Ethershift Scan&Go is the easiest way to acquire up & coming tokens. The Ethershift Scan&Go widgit displays a QR code for the token you'd like to buy. Simply scan the code, and send any amount of Ether. That's it! Within minutes you'll receive the token requested! The Ethershift Scan&Go widget allows for anyone to install it on their website and get paid as an affiliate!

The Ethershift wallet provides support for any ERC20/233 token and allows for the near instant exchange between tokens. With the utmost of thought put into security, all private keys are stored locally under several layers of security, and with a built in Web3 browser, interacting with decentralized applications has never been easier! Ethershift has fixed all the problems traditional decentralized exchanges face. They are slow and hard to use for the average investor. We've made the processof buying up & coming tokens easier than ever! Welcome to the future of ERC20 trading.

Ethershift has ended 217 days ago