Starts 01.09.2018
Ends 01.10.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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FileProof is a genuine network ecosystem including a consistent token strategy, transparent monetary Governance, and interactive cooperation. The FileProof network offers a model suited to protect both equity and token holders disseminated interests. Token holders and business cases shareholders represented in FileProof Board.

FileProof develops a consolidated token strategy leveraging a common decentralized proof technology applied to multiple business sectors: long term token ecosystem strategies and regulation of the network tokenomics, implementation and promotion of a new operating / revenue sharing paradigm, native interoperability.

FileProof network is a building block structured with a clear objective to streamline operational costs. Seamless growth and business focus centric. FileProof protocol is suited to implement into any industry decentralized proof solutions. Native incentive flows are by design embedded into the protocol basic operators. is one of FileProof pioneer business use cases. CVproof initial market penetration targets the following 3 vertical market segments: Aviation, Health Care and Corporate.

Blockchain based identification systems represent one of the primary major use case to leverage decentralized ledgers. FileProof protocol & network are very well suited to host a wide range of secure identification apps. From now on anything circulating which can be fraudulently imitated like ticketing can also be secured by blockchain based apps running on the FilleProof protocol & reliable ecosystem.

FileProof has ended 294 days ago