Starts 01.12.2018
Ends 28.02.2019
This ICO has already ended.
Followine rating

Followine is the first ecosystem that aims to fight against the counterfeiting of wine, by using the Blockchain Technology. Followine is a circuit based on Wine Coin, a Token that provides self-sustainability and inclusiveness to the entire Followine circuit. The consumer, simply by scanning QR codes, receives points that will be converted into Wine Coin. The consumers can use them on the Followine marketplace or on e-commerce partners, or they can store them in their wallet and / or convert them to FIAT.

Thanks to our free mobile app you can scan any QR code really fast. To find out if a bottle of wine is authentic, simply scan the Followine QR on the rear bottle label. Each scan has a prize, in order to involve users and thank them for their contribution to the fight against counterfeiting. Since the Followine Token is inserted in a growing economic circuit and not a stand-alone crypto, we can guarantee its purchasing power regardless of the listing.

On the Followine platform, you can use WineCoin as an exchange currency, at a guaranteed minimum value of € 0.10 regardless of the value of the token on the respective exchanges.

Followine has ended 177 days ago