Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 30.09.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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GAUS is a worldwide blockchain platform for purchases of goods using cryptocurrency, guaranteeing payment transaction security up to the receipt of the ordered goods.The GAUS platform makes a vehicle purchase or a service payment possible at a significantly lower price compared to existing prices, guarantees transaction security for full or partial payments, as well as the timely and quality level delivery of the purchased goods and services. In turn, the manufacturer or service provider, receives a new potential client pool and a guarantee of timely payments. By using standardized smart contracts, GAUS provides a convenient and secure invoicing mechanism.

The GAUS token builds the foundation for an infrastructure beneficial for all participants. Blockchain technology reduces transaction costs, while making the platform transparent, open, and safe for all parties.It is impossible to satisfy this demand with merely another payment service. Which is why we came up with the GAUS project idea — a cryptocurrency, a trading platform and the accompanying program applications. With the help of partner banks, we will create our own exchange.Our goal is to enable people to use cryptocurrencies as a payment instrument on the vehicle market and allow these instrument to become a solid guarantee when buying goods and services.

GAUS is a scalable, decentralized online system connecting manufacturers and buyers. This system functions with significantly less expenses compared to any other existing system, due to its automation and selfregulation. As a result, GAUS, like any other network project, has an increasing commercial viability model with an increasing number of users, since all the expenses remain constant. The profit gained through smart contract fees backs the GAUS token and guarantees steady and controlled growth of the cryptocurrency exchange value. An international supplier base and an integrated smart contract system solves the issue of delivery across the world. GAUS relieves bank transaction expenses and significantly reduces freight costs. The GAUS system with its multilingual, round-the-clock support team is independent of timezones and the large industry’s decision-making time.

Gaus Trade has ended 295 days ago