Starts 17.01.2018
Ends 17.02.2018
This ICO has already ended.
GRAFT Blockchain rating

This ico alert describes the initial coin offering launched for the GRFT altcoin, a new cryptocurrency supporting the GRAFT project. The GRAFT is an open-source blockchain platform created and developed for the point-of-sale. This project entered the list of cryptocurrency ICOs because the GRFT token sale ratings are rapidly increasing and those who discover icos cannot ignore this crowdfunding project anymore. It has a purpose to provide a long-living solution to the majority of the issues that altcoins encounter at the point of sale, as well as extended time of waiting and costly transactions.

According to the GRAFT ico review, the GRFT token sale is doing really well, and the GRAFT ico rating looks promising enough to consider participating in the GRFT token sale. The ico analysis for this cryptocurrency ico reveals that GRAFT platform runs on its own blockchain, which leaves the rival ERC20-based altcoins behind. This also ensures low latency and commissions, making the company and its new crypto ico confident and strong, as well as the upcoming initial coin offerings. List of icos keeps growing, and future icos may shake the world even harder than the active icos do, but for now, it is better to focus on something you already have in your token sale calendar. There are always more cryptocurrency icos and token sale reviews if you look harder.

GRAFT Blockchain has ended 547 days ago