Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 31.10.2018
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Health Nexus rating

The healthcare industry struggles to share data due to concerns about privacy, security and the costs of aligning different tech infrastructures. The result is a slow, inaccurate and costly process which impacts people's lives. Health Nexus developer tools are open source and free, allowing community members to build and deploy distributed apps. Developers can create solutions for any part of healthcare: patients, pharmacies, healthcare providers, insurers, or clinical researchers.

Since Health Nexus is a new blockchain, every transaction requires Health Cash, or HLTH, in the same way that Ethereum requires ETH. HLTH opens new opportunities for revenue, not only for providers, but also for patients. Governance and validation protocols ensure that only HIPAA-compliant servers are allowed in the ecosystem. HIPAA compliance is a recognized healthcare standard that assures safe adoption of the platform.

Health Nexus features a distributed protocol with a built-in key-pair system. It allows users to share their data securely with healthcare providers. Audited smart contracts automatically update providers, ensuring that all involved physicians are informed of the latest diagnoses and treatments.

Health Nexus has ended 204 days ago