Starts 01.11.2018
Ends 31.01.2019
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By using a “Blockless and Chainless”, next generation architecture of a peer-to-peer digital exchange network (P2P), called the HelixTangle, and a Cognitive Cryptocurrency - HLX - the company plans to engage and help shift existing political and economic power structures across all levels of industry and society. Helix aims to support ongoing efforts towards creating novel data storage systems, by promoting and incentivizing breakthrough inventions in synthetic biology research (e.g. DNA-based molecular storage systems)

The exciting prospect of encoding digital data in “Wetware” has shown that it may be possible to encode every bit of data in just a few grams of synthetic DNA. With the hopes of connecting Everyone and Everything “fluidly”, Helix’s far-reaching ambition is to support scientists and developers to build high-density, scalable, molecular data storage systems. The HelixPlatform’s key competitive advantage over existing Blockchain platforms is that it uses the more advanced Tangle technology. The HelixPlatform will immediately convince the market by bringing down the cost of crypto deployment across the board, regardless of which application or vertical the app creator is addressing. The HelixPlatform is cheaper than most existing authentication platforms as it removes central authentication layers and replaces it with a robust DLT, implying that authentication is managed by the entire network on the HelixTangle.

Helix has ended 137 days ago