Starts 01.11.2018
Ends 31.01.2019
This ICO has already ended.
HetaChain rating

HetaChain is an advance, high- performance blockchain 3.0 built with industrial scale computational capabilities that immutably allows users to deploy decentralized applications devoid of censorship, fraud, downtime or third party incurred costs. It's laden with the ability to operate on a full commercial basis focussed on ushering the world into the next Industrial Revolution 4.0.

HetaChain possesses the capacity to process thousands of commercial scale Dapps transactions in inter-blockchain communication HetaChain runs a secure and efficient consensus protocol using DPoS and BFT hybrid consensus algorithm. In this way, HetaChain is secured against an array of cyberattacks and other malicious threats which has pushed forth a decentralized system of storing and sharing data which is crucial in the prevalent technological space

HetaChain's flexibility is achieved through ability to freeze and fix broken applications with generalized role-based permissions HetaChain's unique technology allows for fast transactions approval (TPS) without the risk of downtime. It is built to adequately cater for a high throughput which is one of the commercial attributes of a new generation network addressing the shortcomings of the other existing blockchains

HetaChain has ended 202 days ago