Starts 06.07.2018
Ends 22.10.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Hilo is an upcoming social media site geared toward the cryptocurrency community. It aims to be a platform for anybody with an interest in cryptocurrencies to come together to interact with each other, share information, and enhance their knowledge of cryptocurrency.The Hilo website provides little information about the startup aside from the names and pictures of the company’s prominent employees, advisors, and investors. Of course, that does provide us with a starting point to learn more. The website also contains a link to a LinkedIn page that tells us that Hilo is based in San Francisco.

The LinkedIn page also provides a brief description of Hilo, calling it the “only social dashboard that lets you follow along and invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with friends and influencers.”The founder of Hilo is a woman named Monica Puchner. Prior to Hilo, she served as the Vice President of Business Development for a company called CleverTap. While not listed as such on the Hilo website, her LinkedIn page lists a woman named Brit Morgan as the co-founder and COO of Hilo. According to her LinkedIn profile, she graduated from San Francisco State University with degrees in psychology and marketing. She also has work experience with a number of different companies as a consultant, strategies, and director of marketing.

Hilo is yet to officially launch. However, the company’s website does show a roadmap of its future plans. The outline is fairly rough with no specific timeline or detailed descriptions. Nevertheless, it outlines three steps and vaguely mentions of progress that will be made at each step.If you have any kind of interest in cryptocurrencies, Hilo may be right for you. The platform is designed to appeal to both beginners and experts and everyone in between. The ultimate goal for Hilo is to provide a place for tips, data, news, and opinions to be shared among everyone in the crypto community. If you consider yourself part of the cryptocurrency community, you may want to consider joining Hilo.

Hilo has ended 213 days ago