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Ends 30.09.2018
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At HiP we look at things differently… we look within to find the answers for positive change. Our philosophy drives everything we do - from supporting the growth and development of the people who work with us right through to solving the economic problems in the world around us. We focus on core issues - hidden in the elements of history that all so often plague the present. This introspective work has given rise to many new understandings - from human nature, cultural reform and business practice. In real estate we’ve unravelled fundamental issues not seen before, and given birth to unique designs and plans to solve them.

We have created HiP to address this imbalance. We believe the wealth currently locked in real estate can be active, even providing solutions for those looking to buy their first home. We believe the world of real estate doesn’t need to be disconnected, inaccessible or illiquid, and that debt and equity can be fluid, interactive and beneficial to all.HiP believes the real estate market needs to be served by more forward thinking and flexible financing solutions. HiP challenges the market with a set of tools that levera.HiP not only fills the void in the real estate market left by financial institutions with discriminatory lending practices, but also fosters growth in the sectors of the economy that service it.HiP aims to be the first to make real estate wealth more accessible at scale by turning equity and debt underlying a property into tradable, interactive assets. HiP aims to develop a system whereby equity becomes a currency and debt levels become a choice.

With HiP equity release means selling a percentage of your assets (without losing ownership) to raise money, free of debt. A whole new capital market is about to emerge. HiP’s vision is to create a real estate ecosystem linking both financial and non-financial services with buyers, owners and investors within a connected virtual and real world experience. Where it’s not only owners, buyers and investors who can participate, but also complimentary service providers to the real estate industry such as realtors, architects, designers and builders. The solutions outlined in this Whitepaper represent the first suite of offerings to be provided through the HiP Ecosystem.

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